At My Foodie Box, we place a priority on providing fresh, high quality, seasonal ingredients from trusted suppliers. We source and handpick all our ingredients from ethically responsible WA farmers and producers. Not only this results in higher produce quality (and better taste), it is also better for your health to eat food that is free of preservatives, hormones and pesticides.

By working directly with local farmers and suppliers for our produce and protein, we are not only ensuring that you’re getting the freshest ingredients from the closest sources possible, we are also supporting WA's food community, culture and economy.

My Foodie Box sources meats from WA growers that treat animals with respect. All our meat is free of added hormones and preservatives. This also results in fresher produce.

My Foodie Box only provides sustainably-sourced, wild caught seafood from WA. All your fish is vacuum-sealed straight away to maximise shelf-life.

We are extremely fortunate to be in the only state in Australia that is able to provide consistent supply of fresh produce all year around thanks to the many different climates we get throughout WA. All our fresh produce, including veggies and herbs are free of pesticides and come from the Perth region, Margaret River and Carnavon. Our farmers are pioneers in sustainable crop rotation and water efficiency and all our ingredients are seasonal.

All your ingredients are delivered direct to your door, which means they are fresher than what you would normally get at your supermarket.

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